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Tank Specs

Standard Water Tank Specifications

  1. Tank is fabricated with ¼” carbon steel shell plates and 3/8” bottom plate.
  2. Full length and height interlocking baffles and bulkheads using ¼”plate 100% welded with sure-flow design for optimum surge performance.
  3. 3” schedule 40 pipe spray bars and fill line.
  4. 28” manway on top of tank.
  5. Level sight gauge in the front of tank.
  6. Access ladder mounted on the front of tank.
  7. 1-1/4” schedule 80 seamless pipe for the hydraulics, run through the tank for cooling of the oil.
  8. Water pump is a Berkley B3ZRM (4x3) driven with a Muncie PL-series hydraulic motor.
  9. Three (3) spray heads on rear and two (2) in front, 3” BMC heads with in-cab controls.
  10. One remote water cannon, air operated with 2-1/2” x 7/8” brass nozzle and in cab controls.
  11. One rear mounted hose reel with 50’ of ¾” hose and wash down nozzle.
  12. Interior of tank is painted with Coal tar epoxy and exterior with two coats of acrylic enamel.
  13. Easy to follow picture and text installation guide.
  14. Operator / Parts manual for ordering replacement parts in the future.

One year warranty on craftsmanship of tank and OEM warranty on the components.

Options Available

  1. Fold down handrails around the top of tank.
  2. Manual suction load system with 30’ of 3” hose and in-tank storage of hoses.
  3. Air operated rear mounted gravity spray bar with in cab controls.
  4. Two additional spray heads mounted on front bumper.

Download the Spec Sheet